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The architecture of efficient investment and purchasing user paths.

November 2019

Image of the Royal Mint website on smartphone and MacBook

The Setup

Picture this - an exclusive invitation to help reshape the digital realm of the Royal Mint, a prestigious global institution revered for minting coins and medals.

As a Senior UX/UI Design Consultant enlisted by a prestigious Bristol-based agency, I embarked on a journey that held the power to revolutionise the Royal Mint's online investor and purchasing journeys.

The challenge?

To transcend the boundaries of tradition and redefine the bullion investment and customer purchase journeys, forging a path that would cater to three distinct worlds: the astute bullion investors and the everyday consumers as well as an edge case that combined the two.

This endeavour was more than an enhancement; it was a pivotal moment in the Royal Mint's history, a moment where centuries of tradition met the innovation of today.

The call was clear - breathe new life into the buying experience, making it seamless, insightful, and universally enriching.

My Role

Senior UX/UI Designer

At the helm of this monumental project, I undertook the mission of deciphering the intricate research data that defined the Royal Mint's purchase journey.

This wasn't just analysis; it was a profound exploration into user behaviour, intricacies, and aspirations.

With expertise in hand, I delved into the labyrinth of complex user flow charts and information architecture, crafting a blueprint for a future of user-centric excellence.


  • Analyze research data.
  • Consult on complex user flow and information architecture.
  • Create varied wireframes for different user scenarios.
  • Design of registration and account dashboard.


  • Unified Journey:
    A unified and consistent user flow for both bullion investors and regular consumers, and effectively address the complex edge case scenario.
  • Enhanced Efficiency:
    Successfully improved the Royal Mint's investment and purchase journey efficiency, leaving an indelible mark on the entire Royal Mint community by elevating the digital experience.

Project team

  • Account Director
  • UX Design Lead
  • UX/UI Designer (Myself)

Digital Toolset

The Challenge

The Royal Mint stood at a pivotal crossroads, a moment where legacy met the digital frontier.

The opportunity was undeniable - a chance to redefine and elevate the online purchasing journey.

The existing process, while effective for bullion investors and regular consumers in isolation, bore the weight of untapped potential.

They also needed to cater for a unique scenario where bullion investors might also harbour a desire to purchase consumer products.

This was more than just an edge case; it was an imperative, a call to action that couldn't be ignored.

The time had come to optimise, to unify, and to ignite an integrated buying journey that would set new standards for user experience and digital excellence.


My mission was clear: to chart a course towards a superior user journey, one that seamlessly catered to both bullion investors and regular consumers.

The process began with collaboration, as I joined forces with the UX Director, our collective vision fueled by an in-depth analysis of the research data.

It was a pivotal moment of alignment, where insights from the data intersected with our creative prowess.

At the heart of this endeavor was the project's primary goal - a goal that resonated with urgency and innovation.

It was to breathe life into an optimised purchasing journey that transcended user groups, a journey that celebrated unity while acknowledging diversity.

But it didn't stop there; it was a journey designed to tackle the extraordinary, the edge case of bullion investors intersecting with consumer purchases.

It was about setting new benchmarks, exploring the unexplored, and delivering an experience that left a lasting mark on the digital landscape.


In the small team of 3, I worked together closely with the UX Director through the following 5-step process.

Process Menu

1. Discovery
  • Reserach Data Analysis
2. Definition
  • User Flow Refinement
3. Design
  • Wireframing
  • Bullion Investment Journey
  • Consumer Purchase Journey
  • Edge Case Scenario
  • Registration & Dashboard
4. Presentation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
5. Delivery
  • Final Deliverables

1. Discovery

Research Data Analysis

The Discovery phase of the project was framed using a design thinking methodology, focusing on empathising with the business objectives and user needs, as well as defining the problem space.

My initial role was to delve into this pre-existing research data.

This comprehensive analysis was crucial to familiarise myself with the groundwork already laid on the project, understand the issues at hand, and the challenges to be tackled before advancing to the subsequent stage.

2. Definition

User Flow Refinement

My journey was intertwined with the UX Director, where we stood side by side, analysing the user flow chart and breathing life into an improved information architecture.

The mission was clear: to orchestrate a more streamlined, more exhilarating experience for both user groups. Our collaboration was not just about refinement; it was about transformation.

The user flow chart became our canvas, where every interaction was an opportunity to elevate the journey.

The architecture wasn't just a structure; it was a blueprint for innovation. It was a concerted effort to make the complex appear simple, to make the intricate seem effortless.

Together, we wove the threads of user-centricity into the very fabric of our designs, paving the way for a digital experience that would leave users in awe.

Consumer Purchase Journey user flow image

3. Design


With Sketch, I embarked on a creative odyssey, crafting numerous wireframes that would encapsulate the essence of an enhanced purchase journey.

These wireframes extended beyond visuals; they were a testament to user-centric excellence, encompassing the unique needs of bullion investors, regular consumers, and the remarkable edge case where both worlds converged.

It was about transcending expectations, sculpting an experience that bridged tradition and innovation.

But this creative stage wasn't limited to the purchase journey alone. It extended to the thresholds of user registration and the account dashboard, where functionality and aesthetics merged into a tapestry of digital artistry.

In this immersive journey, I ensured that every user touchpoint wasn't just user-friendly; it embodied superiority.

Bullion Investment Journey

In the domain of the Bullion Investors, the Royal Mint sought to enrich the journey, aligning it with user-centric excellence.

The challenge lay in refining an already intricate process to ensure that these astute investors could navigate their pursuits seamlessly.

Bullion investment journey intro image of the desktop wireframes
Image of the bullion investment journey desktop wireframes
Consumer Purchase Journey

For everyday consumers, the Royal Mint aimed to make their purchase journey an enriching experience.

The challenge was to optimize this process, ensuring that regular consumers could navigate effortlessly and delight in every interaction.

Comnsumer purchase journey intro image of the desktop wireframes
Image of the consumer purchase journey desktop wireframes
Edge Case Scenario

But it didn't stop there. The Royal Mint ventured into uncharted territory, addressing the unique scenario where bullion investors intersected with consumer purchases.

This was about setting new benchmarks, exploring the unexplored, and delivering an experience that left a lasting mark on the digital landscape.

Edge case scenario intro image of the desktop wireframes
Image of the Edge case scenario desktop wireframes
Registration & Dashboard

In the sphere of user registration and the account dashboard, I sculpted a digital landscape where functionality and aesthetics merged seamlessly.

The goal was to ensure that every user touchpoint was an embodiment of digital artistry, simplifying interactions and delivering an enriching experience.

Registration & dashboard intro image of the desktop wireframes
Image of the registration and dashboard desktop wireframes

4. Presentation

Stakeholder Engagement

Presenting my work to stakeholders was a pivotal moment where designs and insights transformed into a vision for the digital future.

With passion and precision, I guided them through the enhanced journey, the unique edge case, and the intricacies of user registration and the account dashboard.

Each presentation wasn't just an overview; it was an opportunity to ignite inspiration and shape the path forward. In those moments, innovation and tradition converged to create a digital landscape with a lasting impact.

5. Delivery

Final Deliverables

In concluding our transformative journey, I carefully prepared the final deliverables, shaping them as Sketch files, teeming with purposeful design choices.

Every symbol found its rightful place, with layers thoughtfully named and with organisational finesse, empowering future designers to pioneer a digital landscape that breaks new ground in user-centric excellence.

This comprehensive handover carries the digital legacy of The Royal Mint's enhanced purchase journey, ensuring it inspires a new generation of innovators and elevates the user experience to unprecedented heights.


The project triumphantly elevated the user experience, seamlessly catering to the diverse needs of bullion investors and regular consumers, while ingeniously addressing the complex edge case scenario.

This reimagined user journey played an essential role on the Royal Mint's freshly minted website, ushering in an era of enhanced efficiency and delight for users.

Final Solution

Solution icon
United Journey
  • Achieved a unified and user-centric purchase journey for both bullion investors and regular consumers, effectively addressing the complex edge case scenario.
Enhanced Efficiency
  • Successfully improved the Royal Mint's online investment and purchasing efficiency, leaving an indelible mark on the entire Royal Mint community by elevating the digital experience.
Empowered Legacy
  • Delivered a thorough collection of well-organized Sketch files, passing on the digital legacy of the improved purchase journey to empower future innovators.


Balancing Tradition and Innovation
  • The project highlighted the importance of balancing centuries of tradition with the need for innovation, as it led to a transformative user experience.
Effective Collaborative Teams
  • The case study underscores the significance of a collaborative team, where insights from data intersect with creative prowess to drive success.
Comprehensive Handover
  • Preparing meticulous and comprehensive design deliverables, like Sketch files, is vital to empower future designers and ensure the longevity of digital projects.
Efficient Stakeholder Engagement
  • Effective presentation to stakeholders can inspire and shape the digital future of a project.
Setting New Benchmarks
  • This project reinforced the importance of setting new benchmarks, exploring the unexplored, and delivering lasting digital experiences.

Next Steps

1. User Testing
  • The Sketch files will be used to create interactive prototypes that represent the redesigned purchasing journeys.
  • The next step would likely involve conducting comprehensive user testing sessions, both for the individual purchasing journeys and for the wider experience that incorporates these journeys.
2. Iterative Design
  • Based on the findings from user testing, the team would engage in iterative design to refine and improve the user experience.
  • This may involve further adjustments to wireframes, design elements, or information architecture based on user feedback.
3. Integration
  • The refined purchasing journeys, along with other sections of the new website, would need to be integrated into the broader digital platform.
  • This would involve collaboration with developers and technical teams to ensure a seamless transition.